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TDA News
Greetings to all of the Star Wars community, especially those of you who are fans of the Dark Side and follow our Dark Side costuming organizations! Today we have an extremely special announcement being brought forth by the Councils of TDE and TDA. That’s right, we mentioned two councils here. Let us lay out some information here for you to explain what’s going on in the general Star Wars costuming community! Over the past year, both of our organizations have seen drastic changes as staff and memberships have cycled through. For some time many of us have agreed that the Star Wars Dark Side groups have been fractured for too long now and it has made it difficult to not only organize ourselves, but provide our fundamental goal to the community; which is giving back to the community in terms of not only entertainment, but goodwill and hard work, through the explicit permission to represent LFL as Dark Sided characters of the Star Wars franchise. A short time ago, communications lines were opened to share a unique idea that may provide beneficial to our organizations. TDE and TDA have big plans in the works, thanks to hard-pressed dedication of both of our council staffs, to come together under one banner once again. What is to be understood from this, is that for the greater good of the Star Wars community, and to make things easier on ourselves and others, both of these fantastic organizations have discussed and mutually agree that we need to come together to do what we love, and do it even better than ever before. What does this mean for TDE and TDA? It means growth and support. There will be a handful of changes being made over the course of the last quarter of this year, and we are hoping to accomplish this exponentially incredible task by the time Celebration 2017 rolls around. The overall goal of this is to show the community that we are all fans of Star Wars, and want to work together to provide the best image we can for them, as well as ourselves. As some of the biggest fans of Star Wars we can be, we want to make LFL, Disney, Uncle George, and the entire Star Wars community proud. Through Passion, we gain Strength. And with that, we leave off with you, our fans. There are sure to be plenty of questions and concerns regarding this major change. And we want you to know that the staff of both TDE and TDA, are here to answer any questions, comments, and criticisms that our public might have for us. For the Glory of the Sith Empire! The Council of TDE: CO-Michael Stanton (Darth Malim) TDE-013 XO-Cassandra Knight (Vexxa Sayul) TDE-164 PR-Jerome Lamberth (Darth Rokahn) TDE-248 MO-Tommy Sutton (BedlamX) TDE-110 Imperial Hand-Matthew Licht (Vad Kaar) TDE-121 The Council of TDA: CO – Keith Wild (Darth Kraven) ASL-001 XO – Colleen Driscoll (Darth Shivilow) ASL-128 PR- Brandon Manns (Darth Callidus) ASL-067 MO – Andi Bee (Lady As’sir) ASW-001 Web – Christopher Visavati (Darth Malevolence) ASL-073
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