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 #3. ADJ-003 Lord Vulpes * 10/21/2013

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
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Commanding Officer

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PostSubject: #3. ADJ-003 Lord Vulpes * 10/21/2013   Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:23 am

Designation: ADJ-003 Lord Vulpes
Character Name: Vulpes
Dromund System: http://the-dark-alliance.forumotion.com/f32-the-dromund-system

Custom Dark Jedi
Era: Old Republic

Congratulations Lord Vulpes
The Force Serve You.

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer

Posts : 339
Join date : 2016-08-02

PostSubject: Re: #3. ADJ-003 Lord Vulpes * 10/21/2013   Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:23 am

ADJ-003 Lord Vulpes
Character Name: Lord Vulpes (Originally Brenten Mentz)
Costume Category: Custom Dark Jedi
Costume Era: Old Republic
Earth Native System: Dromund System (GA, FL, AL, MS, LA)

Character BIO:[/b]
Species: Human
Known Master: Unknown
Known Apprentice: N/A
Force Powers:

-Force Scream
-Force Choke
-Force Push
-Force Pull
-Droid Disable
-Force Absorb
-Force Rage
-Force Drain
-Force Battlemind

Weapons Used: Lightsaber

Character History:

“When you realize that once things are done, and that actions are completed, then you realize there is nothing to turn back the clock.
A mistake is a mistake, a choice is a choice. You either make it, or you do not. There is power in the moment. Take the opportunity to seize that power.
Take that opportunity to forge your own destiny. That is where I found the Dark Side; when I chose my own destiny.” ~Lord Vulpes

Born on the planet Balmorra sometime around 3,650 BBY as Brenton Mentz, Lord Vulpes began his history as the child of a fairly wealthy family working under Empire employment in the Balmorran weapons facilities. Due to the constant warring state of the Great Galactic War and the struggle between the Empire and Republic forces to gain stable control over the planet, the Mentz family was relocated to the Sith Capital world of Dromund Kaas. Growing up, his life was hard and harsh due to the strict and semi-abusive conduct of his immediate family, causing him to grow into an emotionally distraught child who isolated himself from personal contact, as well as some slight health conditions such as ravaged lungs due to the poor conditions of his birth planet and being surrounded by war. At a young age, he founded a harboring passion for scholarly subjects, particularly pertaining to the histories and martial arts, and was immediately placed into the empires finest educational institutes on Dromund Kaas. As an already somewhat traumatized child, he was subjugated to bullying and torture by fellow students, which eventually lead to an emotional outbreak involving the deaths of three students and the discovery of his force-sensitivity. This action did not go unnoticed by the institution’s Sith headmasters, and Mentz was eventually brought before them in order to test his potential as a Sith himself. At first the child denied all accusations, but after a rigorous testing process it was generally accepted that he was capable of undergoing training to become a Sith Acolyte.

It was also a this time that a Jedi spy who as residing on Dromund Kaas took notice of the boy, and attempted to confront the child before the teachings of the Dark Side could corrupt his potential. During an exercise to rid the Dromund woodlands of an overabundance of violent wildlife, Mentz was intercepted by the Jedi and was quickly introduced to the Light Side of the force. It was also at this time that Mentz took a love interest in the Sith Institutions. Having a curiosity of the Force, Mentz took to the Jedi’s teachings with an open mind. However, Mentz was not only torn between the romantic affiliations but also between the teachings of the Sith Institutions and Jedi that tussled in his life, and after several years of being affiliated with both of the Jedi and the Sith, his emotional integrity began to fall apart. By random chance, Mentz discovered that his lover was engaging in outside affairs on him, and in an emotional outbreak, he brought the ceiling down upon an entire group of students, killing them. Fleeing off into the rainy Dromund forests, he slew his Jedi mentor and soon after re-approached the Sith Institutions, vowing himself to the Dark Side for his life. He currently works on attaining the title of Sith Lord.

Mentz is known to be a cunning, blatant, and harsh individual. His studies have led him to be an encyclopedia of Force history and culture, as well as much knowledge about the known galaxy. During his time in the Sith institution, he studied and dignified himself in lightsaber combat with Soresu and Juyo (Forms III and VII) and was known to switch rapidly between the two to diversify and stabilize himself with a powerful defense and offense. This landed him with the title of “Juggernaut”, despite the conditions of his lungs and his physical demeanor. Due to his closed off nature, he often harbors his passions and desires within himself rather than openly displaying them during combat, thus leading to a deadly combination of flowing and calm natured lightsaber form. Aside from this, he was also known for having a relatively high sense of honor, and very fluent in negotiation skills compared to that of a total soldier, and could even be complimented on his later developed social skills and level-headedness. His resilience in both word and combat earned him the name, “Lord Vulpes”, a mark of his mental integrity and hand-to-hand skill level, alongside his family’s wealthy background.

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#3. ADJ-003 Lord Vulpes * 10/21/2013
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