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 #23.ADJ-023 Kreed Kohncastle 5/16/15

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
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Commanding Officer

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PostSubject: #23.ADJ-023 Kreed Kohncastle 5/16/15   Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:51 am

Presenting.... Derek Shackleton
Designation Date: 5/16/15

Native System * The Bosthirda System (California)
SYSTEM LINK: http://the-dark-alliance.forumotion.com/f28-the-bosthirda-system
Character * Custom Dark Jedi
Era: Rise Of The Empire /Post Order 66

Congratulations To Kreed Kohncastle
The Force Serve You.

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer

Posts : 339
Join date : 2016-08-02

PostSubject: Re: #23.ADJ-023 Kreed Kohncastle 5/16/15   Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:52 am


ADJ- 023 Kreed Kohncastle

Character Name * Kreed Kohncastle

Costume Category * Custom Dark Jedi

Costume Era * Rise Of The Empire /Order 66

Earth Native System * Roon


Species * Human

Known Master * Unknown Jedi Knight

Known Apprentices * None

Force Powers * Unknown

Weapons Used * Saber Pike

Character History:

Kreed Kohncaste is a Human Fallen Jedi. He joined the Jedi Order at a very young age, displaying a strong connection to the Force, despite his propensity for anger. He quickly became Padawan to a Jedi Master and served him faithfully and without question in the Jedi Path. Following the tragic death of his Master, and his subsequent destruction of his Master's killer and a great many others during the Clone Wars, Kreed almost left the Order before being convinced by Yoda to stay and serve the Order as a Jedi Temple Guard.

Kreed excelled in the discipline, honor, and mostly peace that being a Temple Guard brought him, up until the moment Order 66 was given by Senator Palpatine. Thought killed, Kreed survived the massacre with the help of Faerona, a Force-sensitive Smuggler, who was imprisoned in the Jedi Temple and 'released' during the chaos. Outcast from all he knew since childhood, he chose to abandon the ways of a Jedi, and even the Force itself in a some respect having seen nothing but destruction, betrayal and death in its 'Order'. Kreed and Faerona hid in Hutt space. After an extensive recovery, Kreed worked for a time as a Bodyguard/Hired-Muscle to Underworld scum, while eluding the Empire and Sith Assassins in Hutt Space. During this time, Kreed secretly and personally hunted three prisoners that had escaped the Temple during Order 66. Even without the Jedi Order to bring balance, he believed that the only way to stop the hate and destruction wrought by them was to end their lives. After long hunts, and after bringing two to swift justice, it was on the third that he showed mercy, questioning his own role in the universe once again and the plans the Force had for his life. He began on a path of redemption in the Force.

The current costume represents Kreed's beginning on this path, when he has begun to use and trust the Force again, but still does not embrace the Jedi Code, letting the both his destiny and own will compete for redemption in the Force. He wears the three keys, to the cells of the prisoners he hunted, as a reminder of his past and current path. He has reconstructed his Temple Guard Staff into a short Lightspear and battles agents of the Empire at every corner. He seeks a Jedi he once met who was unfairly imprisoned, Ahsoka Tano, and the Rebel Alliance. Kreed doesn't seek to join the Rebel cause per se, but his own desires to see the Empire suffer and Darth Vader and the Emperor fall are parallel enough to warrant working together.

Will Kreed bring down the Empire with the help of new alliances, and will he serve the Force and its will for his destiny, or will he make the Force serve him? Perhaps Darth Vader himself will seek out the Fallen Jedi, and give him the choice of serving a new Master, or joining the Force in death.

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#23.ADJ-023 Kreed Kohncastle 5/16/15
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