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 #3. ASA-003 Mhakz* 7/17/2013

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

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PostSubject: #3. ASA-003 Mhakz* 7/17/2013   Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:39 am

Second Costume Designation ASA-003 Mhakz

Character: Mhakz
Era: Clone Wars Era

Congratulations To Mhkaz!

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

Posts : 339
Join date : 2016-08-02

PostSubject: Re: #3. ASA-003 Mhakz* 7/17/2013   Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:39 am


Character Name * Mhakz
Costume Category * Sith Agent
Costume Era *Clone Wars Era
Native System *Illum System

Species * Rodian
Known Master * Unknown
Known Apprentice * Unknown
Force Powers * N/A
Weapons Used * Single Blade Lightsaber, a twin nebula blaster he stole from an artifact museum.

Character History: Mhkaz is a Rodian from the planet Tatooine, who is best known as a slicer, thief, and information broker. In early life he worked independently, but as he grew in power and influence he began taking on more and more contracts for the Empire.


Early History

Mhkaz grew up on Tatooine. He discovered early in life that he possessed an affinity for mechanical devices and spent his youth developing his skills. He is a skilled builder and repairman with significant natural ability and can tear down a speeder or even a starfighter and put it back together again, singlehanded. Mhkaz’s aptitude extends to computer networks, which he navigates as easily as he disassembles mechanical devices. By the age of 15 he was an accomplished slicer. This created opportunities for him, but it also led to some unsavoury activities as he gained ability and renown.

A Life of Crime Begins

At the age of 25, Mhkaz assisted in a museum break-in, helping to disarm the security measures around a vault in which valuable ancient relics were stored. During the burglary, the human with whom Mhkaz was working sealed him inside the vault and left him for the authorities. Mhkaz narrowly evaded capture, only escaping with a pair of antique blasters. He decided to keep the blasters as a reminder to not put too much trust in his co-conspirators, and resolved to revenge himself upon the one who’d betrayed him.

Mission of Vengeance

Though an accomplished slicer and mechanic, Mhkaz lacked the requisite combat and on-the-ground investigatory skills to effectively locate his target. He devised a plan – to slice the database of Imperial criminal records and frame him for assisting the rebels with a series of highly destructive Rebel attacks on Imperial bases. The traitor was soon arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 25 years to life in an Imperial prison.

Rising Influence

Over the next five years, Mhkaz used his skills to obtain information of greater value and found contacts willing to pay well for it. By the time he was 30, Mhkaz was a full-fledged information broker who often brought down galaxy-spanning companies. His main customer was the Empire, both directly and through subsidiaries. The Rebel Alliance has long sought the mysterious slicer who has become a significant thorn in their side, but no one has ever met him. The Rebel agents (Bothan and otherwise) sent to infiltrate his network have either vanished, or turned up dead. The bodies are always discovered in locations that appear random.

When Mhraz discovers that he is being actively sought out, he sends agents to investigate. If the seeker is unlikely to lead to a viable contract, the agents silence them; sometimes this involves bribes or coercion, sometimes direct and stealthy violence.

Skills and Abilities

Mhkaz is a very talented starship/speeder mechanic, a gifted slicer, and a well-connected information broker with access to even well-protected information about quite secretive people throughout the galaxies. He enjoys and is extremely competent at Pazaak, and frequently participates in high-stakes tournaments on gaming worlds.

Equipment and Compatriots
Mhkaz carries a pair of blasters which date to the time of the Galactic Republic, and are at least 3,500 years old. They are well-maintained and in good working order; Mhkaz’s blasters can deal considerably more damage at a considerably faster ratethan current models. Mhkaz recovered the blasters from a secure museum vault during one of his earliest adventures.

He has an extensive network of spies, agents, and enforcers who report either directly to him or through subordinates.

Looking for feedback what I got so far , anything I can add or fix?


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#3. ASA-003 Mhakz* 7/17/2013
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