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 #12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

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#12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013 Empty
PostSubject: #12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013   #12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013 EmptySat Sep 10, 2016 10:54 am

Presenting .. Daniel Nichols
Designation Date: July 17, 2013
PRIMARY Designation: ASL-012 Lord Kaar
Bosthirda System
Profile *

Character: Custom Sith Lord

Congratulations Lord Kaar,
The Force Serve You
#12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013 Asl01210
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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

Posts : 339
Join date : 2016-08-02

#12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013 Empty
PostSubject: Re: #12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013   #12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013 EmptySat Sep 10, 2016 10:57 am

ASL-012 Lord Kaar
Character Name * Lord Kaar
Costume Category * Custom Sith
Costume Era * Old Republic
Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: One Sith
Home World: Korriban (ABY)
Earth Native System * Roon

Species * Human
Sex: Male
Age of character: (V1 Sith) 25 (V2 Sith) 35
Known Master * Unknown
Known Apprentice * Kaila Sarn
Force Powers * Force Choke, Force Push, Force Pull, Mind Control, Mind Probing, Force Crush
Weapons Used * Single Blade Red Lightsaber

]Character History:
I made my sith about 2 years ago and am currently working on upgrades as we speak, I'm very excited to be a part of this group. Down below is my semi-long backstory enjoy.

Back Story
Lord Kaar grew up on Korriban with a small tribe of humans, from a small age he was taught the art of sword play. As he grew older he developed powers in the force, and slowly learned to wield them to his will. As a teen and young man he was very reckless and cocky feeling he was special above most and wasn't afraid to get into a fight even if it mean't to the death. One day picking a fight with a man who he didn't know left him badly hurt and scarred. He was taken from Korriban by the man who had almost killed him, and found out that this man was a sith under the order of "One Sith".

5 Years Later
After he was repaired and trained by the Sith over the course of a few years he was given one final test. To survive a Sith Tomb and bring his master a relic back on Korriban. Kaar being more skilled and having control somewhat over his recklessness saw this as a way to regain his honor as a warrior. After flying to his home planet and entering the long lost tomb his master had uncovered, Kaar found an old sith mask in the heart of the tomb. As he took it the tomb shook as hundreds of the undead crawled out of their resting places from dark magic. As the dead rose from their eternal tombs Kaar cut them down with speed but after dozens lay motionless the horde soon over numbered him. As he ran trying to escape he triggered a trap door which he fell down breaking his leg and arm. Laying there in the darkness holding onto his anger, his life support armor broken and his body bleeding and twisted he crawled through the tunnels of the dark abyss of the forgotten tomb… After days of crawling he finally fell down, feeling his breath leave him, he looked at the treasure he had taken for his master. As he felt the mask through the force with it almost speaking to him, he put it on. Darkness overtook him…
As he awoke he felt his body anew, and the darkside flowing through his body in no way as such before but a part of him gone, empty. The dark side filled his soul and body as he crawled out of the eternal tomb to his master standing at the entrance of the tomb with his lightsaber drawn. His master seeing the relic on his apprentice took it as a betrayal and attack his student, in a fry Kaar defeated his master within a few minutes conserving his energy and using his masters power against him… After his rise of power he took his masters ship and supplies and went to search for the leader of "One Sith" Darth Krayt to join them.
The Hunt
After Kaar joined the secret order under Darth Krayt he went off to find an apprentice worthy of his teachings and guidance. As he meditated in his ship he felt the dark side speak to him, showing him a girl bathed in blood holding the head of a man that he knew. Teer Sarn was the beheaded man in the vision an old friend he had grown up with on Korriban. Months passed as he searched for Teer Sarn all over the outer rim knowing he would be staying away from the republic and jedi.
As he came to a back water planet he felt a familiar presence, landing he saw a burning village with dead everywhere and undead. A plague had been unleashed and the village had been destroyed by the undead hordes. As he searched through the wreckage he saw a head severed on the ground, it was his old friend. He picked it up and felt who had killed him it was his daughter. He dropped the head and searched through the burnt house looking for his daughter but finding nothing but corpses and ash. Finally calming his senses he envisioned Teer's daughter cutting down undead with his lightsaber while carrying a sith hologram in a pack. She had ran away knowing everything was lost and had headed to the city world of Nal Hutta to start a new life. She was a smart girl.A new Apprentice
Arriving at Nal Hutta, Kaar searched for her for months looking underground for any rumors of a force user or lightsabers. As he tracked down random rumors some being dead ends some being truthful, he felt he was close. Visions of her became clearer as she looked at him without fear or remorse in shadow. This girl was special and beautiful, someone who he wanted to train, pass on his skills and knowledge... and passion. After talking to a black market dealer he found out she was an assassin for hire now. As he searched around he finally felt her close, in a hutt palace. As he entered he saw dozens of guards and all scum and villainy. Sensing around he saw a smaller but dark figure in the shadow, it was her. She got up and exited the room as a few goons got up and followed her. He shadowed them as they exited, until he heard some commotion and blaster shots. Entering the room he saw about 8 men 3 dead around her holding her down beating her. He silently reached and ignited his red saber as the goons turned around hearing the violent hum. Kaar cut through them with much ease as she layed there blooded and just as shocked as the goons. Finally with one left the leader of the group of now dead men, Kaar lifted him up with the force. She looked at his silent mask and looked at her attacker, pulling out her saber ignited it and she stood up barley being able to stand and sliced him in half. Kaar letting go of the man caught the girl as she fell into his arms, she was badly wounded along with her arm crushed.
As she woke up she found herself in Lord Kaars medical bay him standing there watching over her almost. She knew she was his new apprentice.
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#12. ASL-012 Lord Kaar * 7/17/2013
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