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 #14. ASL-014 Darth Kration 7/17/2013

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

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#14. ASL-014 Darth Kration  7/17/2013 Empty
PostSubject: #14. ASL-014 Darth Kration 7/17/2013   #14. ASL-014 Darth Kration  7/17/2013 EmptySat Sep 10, 2016 11:03 am

Presenting.. Curtis Wilson
Designation Date: July 17, 2013
PRIMARY Designation: ASL-014 Darth Kration
Ilum System

Character: Custom Sith Lord
#14. ASL-014 Darth Kration  7/17/2013 Asl01410
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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

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#14. ASL-014 Darth Kration  7/17/2013 Empty
PostSubject: Re: #14. ASL-014 Darth Kration 7/17/2013   #14. ASL-014 Darth Kration  7/17/2013 EmptySat Sep 10, 2016 11:04 am

ASL-014 Darth Kration
Character Name * Darth Kration
Costume Category * Custom Sith Lord
Costume Era * Empire
Affiliation: Empire
Home World: Coruscant
Earth Native System * Ilum

Species * Zabrak
Sex: male
Age of character:28
Known Master * Unknown
Known Apprentice * Unknown
Force Powers: Force Leap , Force Pull , Force Push , Force Throw , Force Choke Hold ,
Force Shield , Force Lightning , battle meditation , Force cloak , Mind control , Force rage,
Saber Throw ,
Weapons Used: single and double saber staff (red blade ) http://thedarkalliance-forum.enjin.com/forum/m/14853143/viewthread/7881442-darth-kration-wiki-wip

Character History:
Back Story :
Darth Kration is a Zabrak from the planet Coruscant who is best known as an almost entirely self-taught Sith Lord, strike force leader for Darth Sidious, and occasional member of a mostly-Mandalorian band of mercenaries. One of Darth Kration’s most notable acts was as a mercenary while in the employ of Darth Sidious, when he was engaged to recapture a stolen Star Destroyer, the Virulent, for Sidious and by extension for the Empire. This was Darth Kration’s first adventure with the mercenary crew that would come to be his closest companions in later years.

Every mind on the Virulent had been controlled by the rogue Jedi-turned-Sith known as Darth Snaric, whose intention was to use the Virulent and its dominated crew in a bid to wrest control of the Galactic Empire away from Darth Sidious. Despite being hard-pressed by a variety of factors, including personal vendettas and the interference of the Twi’lek Sith known as Arali – who would later become Darth Kration’s apprentice – Darth Kration and his squad were able to complete their mission with total success, and thereby begin the journey towards being the valuable employees of the Empire that they later became.


Early History

‘And so I ask you again. Now can you teach me the Dark Side?’
- Malavan, presenting Darth Evure with his dead apprentice’s lightsaber

Malavan was a petty Zabrak street criminal on Coruscant during the early days of Palpatine’s Galactic Empire. He would likely have remained so until his early death or imprisonment had the Sith Lord Darth Evure not been dispatched by the Empire to break the Junda the Hutt’s criminal stranglehold on parts of Coruscant. Junda was a crime lord, racketeer, and, of paramount importance to the Empire, a non-human with the ability to influence politics on the capital.

Darth Evure’s plan was simple – to arrange the murder of a rival Rodian criminal’s employee, trigger a small war, then destroy the winner when their resources were at their lowest ebb. For this he chose a cat’s-paw: a local Zabrak thug named Malavan.

The young Zabrak was strong in the Force. Darth Evure recognized the power in Malavan, but did not plan for him to survive his mission – The Sith Lord only gave him a bit of informal training to assist with his objective. Though Malavan showed potential and hungered for the vast power that training in the Dark Side could provide him, Darth Evure refused to take him as an apprentice. Evure already had a human apprentice, Runa Shulo, and was a strict adherent of the Rule of Two.

Malavan, though unschooled and inexperienced, could recognize when he was being used as a tool. Frustrated, he allowed Runa Shulo to follow him to an alley behind a tavern called the Grinning Mynock, where Junda’s goons would be making a collection. Runa Shulo watched from the rooftops high above the alley, waiting for confirmation of the mission’s success.

He was the first victim of Malavan’s force abilities, hurled to his death with Force Push from his perch above the alley. Malavan recovered Shulo’s lightsaber and cloak and rolled his body into the garbage heap behind the Grinning Mynock, narrowly avoiding Junda’s collectors as they exited.

Malavan returned to Darth Evure, told him that the mission was complete, and presented him with Runa Shulo’s lightsaber. He then asked again to be trained formally in the Force. Darth Evure, surprised and impressed, agreed to take Malavan as his apprentice. He explained the Sith Code to Malavan, commanded him to kneel and recite it - then rise in his new identity, as Kration.

At that moment Malavan understood the Dark Side fully. Before, he had felt resentment and anger towards Darth Evure. Now he felt cold hate for this fool, who discarded his last apprentice without a thought and had the temerity to tell his new one to kneel before him. At the moment Darth Evure named his new apprentice Kration, Kration extended his lightsaber. The saber, only recently taken from Runa Shulo’s body, ran Darth Evure through. The Sith Lord died almost instantly.

Darth Kration took Darth Evure’s lightsaber and some holodisks from his still-steaming robes, then stood. He walked out of the building and back towards the streets that Junda the Hutt owned. With the mission briefing contained in the holodisks, he knew far more about Junda’s operations, and those of his rivals, than practically anyone else on Coruscant. Though outside the hierarchy of the Sith and one of them in name only, Darth Kration needed a place where he could grow in power and savagery, learning to use the Dark Side to hurt and coerce the weak. Junda the Hutt would provide him such a place…or he would die.

Imperial Entanglements

‘This is the first time I’ve felt such raw power from one so completely untrained.’
- Darth Snaris
‘It won’t be the last.’
- Darth Kration

It was only a matter of time. Working for Junda the Hutt, Kration slowly began mastering his powers. Kration’s Force abilities tended towards the aggressive and physical, as he was without real instruction, developing his skills purely by instinct and desire. Aggression and violence came most naturally to him, in his violent line of work. Kration recognized his need for formal combat training as a weakness, however, and sought out a teacher.

The Hutt’s right hand was a brutal Mandalorian known as Jido Zapal. Junda the Hutt’s domination of the sector was in large part due to Jido’s ferocity –hulking, nearly silent, clad in Mandalorian armor, Zapal kept a collection of the battle masks of fallen enemies on his belt. Many of these were from Jedi or Sith, who the Mandalorian took special pride in conquering. Darth Kration knew that Jido Zapal would be the right teacher to replace the one he had slain. Under the Mandalorian enforcer’s tutelage, Kration developed his duelling abilities, battle senses, and the habit of meditating (when possible) before a fight to hone his focus. He learned much about the Mandalorian interpretation of honor, justice, and pride.

Unfortunately for them, the problems Junda the Hutt had caused for Darth Evure (and the Empire) had not gone away. The Hutt continued to meddle in politics for his own gain, and in time the Empire tried again to solve the problem. A Grand Moff of the Imperial Navy, sent by Palpatine himself, arrived in the system in the Virulent, a powerful Star Destroyer. On board was a platoon of stormtroopers, ordered to take control of the sector and ensure that ‘undesirable elements’, like Hutts or Zabraks, were safely ensconced in Invisec where they belonged.

There was war, of course. Blasters ruled the streets, and fire the skies. Junda the Hutt’s forces, used to frightening shopkeepers and petty debtors, included very few real fighters. They were no match for the highly-trained and well-equipped stormtroopers, or the nearly limitless Imperial resources behind them. After their first disastrous defeat at the hands of Darth Kration and Jido Zapal in Junda’s lair, the stormtroopers returned with slugthrowers. These proved to be much more effective against Darth Kration, who was wounded, but not captured, in the next battle.

The humans of the sector had long lived in fear of Kration, Jido Zapal, and Junda the Hutt’s reign of terror. Coupled with the Empire’s encouragement to think of non-humans as subhuman, the humans were eager to assist the stormtroopers in any way they could. A pair of shopkeepers, heavily indebted to Junda the Hutt and facing certain reprisals, sold Jido and Kration’s location to the Empire. In a narrow alley, cornered, outgunned, and wounded, Kration and Jido Zapal teacher made their last stand.

Luckily for them, the stormtroopers were under orders to take Darth Kration alive. The Virulent had a special passenger – Darth Snaris. Snaris was a rogue Jedi in the process of defecting to the Empire, who had detected the strength of the force in Kration. He insisted that Darth Kration be brought to him alive. This restriction meant the deaths of many stormtroopers, but in the end there was no escape. Jido Zapal and Darth Kration were disarmed and taken captive.

Darth Snaris was alerted of the mission’s success and soon arrived to view his prisoners and take formal control of the area for the Moff. He knew that the Jedi were doomed, and for reasons of his own, wanted to gather devotees of the Dark Side to his cause. A blank slate, untrained in the Force, such as Darth Kration was an ideal tool. But this was not the first time a Sith Lord had set out to manipulate Darth Kration.

He summarily and publicly executed Jido Zapal; Junda the Hutt had been killed almost immediately after Kration and Zapal’s capture. Snaris, however, spared Kration, calculating that this would gain some loyalty from him. It backfired. Kration, taking the battle mask of a long-dead Jedi from the belt of his dead trainer - the only real friend he’d ever known - swore to avenge Jido Zapal no matter the cost. He then Force Cloaked himself and hurled his stormtrooper guards aside, manacles flying from his wrists as he leapt to an overhanging balcony.

Unfortunately, weakened by the battle, his wounds, and the massive expenditure of concentration required for his display of power, he collapsed only a short distance away and was recaptured. The rogue Jedi’s padawan, a Twi’lek with red and black markings, sensed Kration’s presence and returned him to Imperial custody. Darth Kration was powerless to resist her. Soon he was on board a shuttle, en route to the Virulent.

Kration was kept closely guarded but treated reasonably well, with frequent visits from the Twi’lek, Arali, and Darth Snaric. Both seemed very interested in the aura of untrained Force energy that radiated from Darth Kration, claiming it was unlike any they’d ever felt before. Within days, the ship arrived at its destination – the Outer Rim, where the Star Destroyer Imperator orbited, overseeing a secret Imperial project. It was here that Kration learned what was to be his fate. He was taken from one Star Destroyer to another, down halls and corridors under heavy guard, until arriving at the final destination: the throne room of Emperor Palpatine himself.

Gathering Allies

‘Sheathe your sword. You hunt the wrong Sith.’
- Darth Kration

The Emperor raised his hand to issue a command to his prisoner, but at that moment the Imperator was rocked by a sudden shockwave – Darth Snaris had had chosen to use the distraction provided by Darth Kration’s arrival, and unique Force-aura, as an opportunity to implement his master-plan – to quickly and quietly mind-control every stormtrooper on board the Virulent and make the jump to light speed.

Cursing, the Emperor realized he’d been betrayed - and yet, he felt the solution to his problem might be standing there before him. He immediately offered Darth Kration a chance to prove his loyalty to the Empire, and to the Dark Side, by tracking down Darth Kration and returning the Virulent to Imperial hands. Kration, only too eager for his own reasons, agreed. He was provided a small ship and a line of credit, and departed immediately for Nar Shaddaa – the best place in the galaxy to find mercenaries and bounty hunters.

Darth Kration arrived in the midst of the month-long celebrations that the coming of the Empire brought to Nar Shaddaa. Everywhere on that rogue-infested moon, people were planning how they would expand their businesses, increase their influence, or shore up their power bases. In a corner bar – the sign above the door said ‘The Burning Deck’ – Kration was surprised for the first time on Nar Shaddaa. It would not be the last.

He had taken a seat in the shadows, and Force Cloaked himself to observe the bar patrons and look for likely mercenaries. His Force Cloak had always been impenetrable before this; on Coruscant he could move undetected as and when he liked. Even Darth Snaris and Arali had had to take a few squinting moments to work out where he was standing in his cell on the journey to the Outer Rim. For these reasons, he was amazed to be approached and confronted by a Weequay in well-worn battle armor. The Weequay, a Mandalorian named Circa, recognized the battle mask that Kration wore. He had known Kration’s Mandalorian teacher long before, and assumed that he was looking at Jido Zapal’s murderer. Circa drew his sword, and Mandalorian iron gleamed in the low lights of the bar.

After a brief but volatile exchange which spilled out into the streets of Nar Shaddaa, Circa learned that Kration was a student of the Mandalorian, not his killer. Understanding the mission of vengeance Kration was on, Circa agreed to introduce Kration to his squad.

In a dark, abandoned droid factory near ground level, Kration met the team that he would lead to perfect victory, or crushing defeat. Most of them were Mandalorians, and Kration, practically a Mandalorian himself after all the training he’d received, was able to overcome their initial distrust more quickly than other employers might have been. The Zabrak witch, Gizemode, and the Zabrak medic, Serenity, at least, agreed to take on the dangerous job Kration proposed very quickly. A Rodian slicer, Maxx and a Wookie, Wirkazza, remained dubious. After all, tracking and covertly infiltrating the most wanted Star Destroyer in the galaxy was practically a suicide mission. But their leader, Circa, seemed convinced, even eager, to take the job. And Maxx and Wirkazza trusted their leader. Besides, they had the might and resources of the Empire behind them. With that, Kration had a ship and a crew. They set out to rendezvous with the Emperor back on the Imperator.


Darth Kration introduced the squad he had hand-chosen to the Emperor. To everyone’s surprise, Palpatine then commanded all to leave him but Circa, the Weequay squad leader. Palpatine’s eyes glinted cold in the shadows of his hood as he spoke. ‘The Dark Side told me you would come; for there is much darkness in you. You are a master of the blade that hangs by your side, but much of your life has been that of a slave. You hunger more than anything for revenge on your former master…your hate is greater than you know. The false Jedi you hunt – he is the one who made you his killer, and his slave.’ There was more, but the Emperor refused to reveal all to Circa, declaring that if he completed the mission, he would learn everything he wanted to know about his past.

Circa, staggered by this news and filled with renewed desire, rejoined his crew. For now, he told them nothing of what the Emperor had said.

The Mission

‘He has twisted every mind on this Star Destroyer to the breaking point.’
Darth Kration, speaking of Darth Snaris’s domination of the Virulent’s crew

Each member of Circa’s crew had a part to play. Maxx was fundamental in cloaking the team’s approach against enemy sensors. They arrived in a one of the Imperator’s scout ships, modified to look like, and appear on sensors as, one of the Virulent’s own scout ships. The scout ship they were replacing had to be destroyed quickly and quietly, of course, so as soon as they dropped out of hyperspace Wirkazza made short work of it from the gunner’s platform, with Gizemode’s assistance in clouding the minds of the pilots.

As the disguised transport sped towards the Star Destroyer, Kration and Gizemode worked in concert to create feelings of calm around the ship. Kration, uneasy, felt that their approach was all a bit too smooth. They had met almost no resistance so far.

The ship slid into dock silently, without permission or so much as a hail from the Virulent. The original plan had been to enter the ship disguised as members of the Virulent’s crew, but it soon became apparent such subterfuge would be unnecessary. The deck crew were totally dominated – eyes glazed, going through the routine motions of their tasks without knowledge of the world around them. As Darth Kration and the mercenaries moved through the docking bay and into the ship, it became evident that nearly every member of the crew had been similarly mind-controlled. Darth Snaris had mastered every mind on board, but could only control them at an extremely reduced level of function. He was strong in the Force, but still only one man.

They kept one element of their plan intact - Wirkazza and Maxx would remain on board the scout ship. Their nonhuman natures may have raised suspicion on an Imperial vessel, even one as unusual as the Virulent. It was best they stay behind, just in case, as insurance. Their role was to blast out if the mission went badly, so that there was some hope of rescue for the others.

Serenity, Circa, and Gizemode would comprise one prong of their attack. Gizemode, the witch, was to provide interference to any attempts at controlling the non-Force-users’ minds. Darth Kration’s role was to approach the bridge via an alternate route, trapping Darth Snaris in a pincer movement. Ideally both groups would arrive at the same time. He was able to cloak himself and protect his mind in ways that the others could not – and although he had commissioned the group for the Emperor, he was not really one of them yet. They split up just inside the first corridor.

Gizemode, Circa, and Serenity stuck to the plan, although without bothering to act their roles, since no one was taking an interest in them. The Star Destroyer was eerily silent. They moved through the med-bay, hands on blasters, a sense of disquiet growing in them. As they passed the far doors of the med-bay and entered the freight elevator, a red and black shadow flicked past them.

Arali, not so busy as her master with controlling every mind on the ship, had sensed the outsiders. She targeted Gizemode with her first strike, breaking his concentration by Force-Hurling him against the wall and knocking him unconscious. She held the elevator doors closed with the Force, and Circa and Serenity, trapped inside, heard cables start to snap overhead. Circa wedged his sword of Mandalorian iron between the doors, in an attempt to force them. The doors did not budge. The mercenaries felt the car start to fall.

It stopped almost immediately. Holding the elevator car aloft with the Force, Darth Kration swooped into the room and attacked the Twi’lek padawan. A furious lightsaber battle followed, with Kration pressed hard by having to split his concentration between the fight and keeping an entire elevator car levitated. Arali would surely have gained the upper hand in time, but Circa was able to pry off the top of the elevator and help Gizemode and Serenity out. They clambered up severed cables to the next level.
Darth Kration, relieved of his burden, let the car crash to the bottom of the shaft, far below. His attention undivided, Kration now had a chance against the vicious Twi’lek. As Circa and company headed deeper into the ship to finish the mission, the Force-battle raged on.


‘There can be only one end to this, padawan.’
- Darth Kration, to Arali

Circa, Serenity, and Gizemode made their way quickly to the bridge level. As they moved through the corridors, stormtroopers began to move listlessly, turning their helmets and clumsily raising their blasters in the direction of the mercenary squad. Although the battle-hardened mercs faced little real danger, blaster fire still rained down around them from the controlled stormtroopers and slowed their progress. In time, they were able to slip past Darth Snaris’s dominated defenses. However, despite their best efforts at a cautious approach, Gizemode was struck by a stray blast from a fallen stormtrooper.

Injured, but not mortally wounded, he and the other mercenaries walked onto the abandoned bridge and towards the forward viewing deck, where the Sith Lord stood, head lowered and face shadowed in his robes. As they approached he spoke, a slight strain trembling in an otherwise powerful and authoritative voice.

‘I greet you, assassins. You have survived this far in the smallest corner of my vision. But now…’ He raised his head, and the shadows fell from his face. ‘Now I see you.’ The Sith Lord made the smallest of gestures and Gizemode cried out, his stormtrooper armor pressing in on his injury. ‘Your witch can no longer protect you’. Serenity moved to assist him, struggling against the armor crushing down on her friend’s fresh wounds.

Circa, now so close to the author of his life’s misery, moved forward. His blade of Mandalorian iron hissed out of its scabbard. The Sith Lord watched him come with dead eyes. ‘Even now your accomplice, the false Sith, dies at my apprentice’s hands. There is no hope for you, or for the weak Emperor you serve. You will be an example to the other mercenaries who attempt…’

The Sith Lord stopped short, recognition for the first time flashing across his face. He knew Circa – knew him as a young Weequay he had enslaved and molded into his own private killer. ‘I should have known,’ he said. ‘Your wrinkled throat looks bare without a collar, Weequay. Controlling this vessel takes much of my strength, and crushing your friend takes a small bit. But I have more than enough left to end you now, as I should have done long ago.’ He smiled, and his words were a hiss. ‘As I did…your mother.’

Circa leapt at the Sith Lord and the battle began, lightsaber versus Mandalorian iron, blows ringing out along the corridors. On the ground, Serenity did all that she could to keep Gizemode’s armor from opening his wounds further. Gizemode fought for his life, struggling against the crushing pressure bearing down on him. When Circa pressed the Sith Lord, the pressure would ease, but then Darth Snaris would gain the upper hand and Gizemode’s Mandalorian armor would creak and groan as it pressed in again, even stronger than before.

Suddenly, the pressure was gone entirely. Gizemode’s breathing eased, and with Serenity’s help he was able to sit up, then kneel, then stand. A swirl of black strode past them - Darth Kration, robes flying out behind him, some object in his hand.

With a sudden flash of Force Lightning, the Sith struck Circa away, flinging him against a wall. ‘I will deal with you later, slave…your weapons are no match for the power of the Dark Side.’ He turned to Darth Kration, lightning still crackling from his fingertips. ‘And now the last of Palpatine’s lapdogs comes to die.’

Arali’s lightsaber clattered down on the metal floor before the Sith Lord. Darth Kration stood without a word, cloak billowing. There was no need to say anything – Darth Snaris knew what his apprentice’s lightsaber on the ground meant. The Sith Lord paused only a moment over Arali’s lightsaber, and then his own flashed into life. ‘So she was no match for you. It is better that she has fallen early, then, and wasted no more of my time. But I will still kill you for this, false Sith. Draw your lightsaber and defend yourself…if you can.’

Darth Kration may have smiled behind his mask. His lightsaber hung, unlit, at his belt. ‘I will not have to.’

The Sith Lord took one step forward…and then Circa’s sword erupted from his chest, impaling the Sith Lord. Darth Snaris staggered forward, and then to his knees. As his eyes rolled back into his head, the lightsaber clattered from his hand and he fell. Darth Snaris, Sith Lord, pretender to the Empire, commander of the Virulent, died there on the bridge of the Virulent, and none mourned his passing. Circa, pulled the sword from his enemy’s body and wiped it clean on his robe. Darth Kration stooped to pick up the two lightsabers from the blood-spattered floor.

Outside in the halls, mind-controlled stormtroopers fell like dominoes as their hivemind collapsed. The mercenaries, supporting Gizemode between them, made their way back to their ship.


‘Does it seem strange that I’m actually worried for the Emperor?’
- Arali

Wirkazza and Maxx had already charted a course into hyperspace. The ship dropped quickly away from the Virulent as the stormtroopers on it awoke, remembering at last their true selves.

‘I’ve sent the coordinates to the nearest Empire outpost’ Maxx said, his voice buzzing as he entered the data into his board. ‘They’ll have their ship back in six hours or so.’ Wirkazza yowled his agreement from the co-pilot’s seat.

Gizemode, entered from the makeshift medbay, a thick bandage covering his ribs. Serenity followed close behind. ‘He’s going to be fine. I’d still like to get him into a tank once we get back to civilization, though.’

Gizemode scowled. ‘I hate those things. Give me some time, I have power to heal myself.’ Serenity shook her head, and smiled.

A newcomer to the ship watched the exchange, her head-tails twitching ever so slightly. At her belt hung two lightsabers: one hers, and one belonging to her former master. She was not afraid, and did not mourn. It was the way of the Dark Side, and her new master would have much to teach her, indeed.

Darth Kration’s voice hissed through his mask as he turned to Circa. ‘What now?’

Circa, his Mandalorian breastplate charred with the residue of Darth Snaris’s Force Lightning, polished his sword. ‘The job’s done. On this team, when the job’s done we go get our money. Besides, I need to speak to our employer one more time – I have some questions for him.’

The ship flashed through hyperspace, towards the Outer Rim and the Imperator. Darth Kration looked to his new Twi’lek padawan and nodded. Perhaps under his mask he smiled. For now, they both had a perfect place to train and grow strong in the Dark Side.

Personality and Traits

Darth Kration is a Sith Lord, totally dedicated to the Dark Side of the force. However, he is loyal to those who have proven loyal to him; indeed, he finds manipulation and disloyalty to be signs of weakness, as when he murdered Darth Evure for his disloyalty to his dead apprentice.

He dislikes being manipulated and is reluctant to argue – if Darth Kration has decided someone is a schemer, or is dealing with him unfairly, he will kill them at first opportunity without a second thought. He particularly dislikes those who are disloyal to their dependents – he sees taking a padawan as a responsibility and a sign of strength; hence to fail or discard one’s padawan must be a sign of weakness.

He does not like to waste anything – most of his more valuable equipment, and even his apprentice, have been taken from dead foes.

Skills and Abilities

Darth Kration developed his combat abilities as an enforcer for a ruthless Hutt crimelord and honed them under the instruction of a deadly Mandalorian soldier. He is patient and knows precisely the right moment to strike. He is a trained duelist and focuses on weaknesses in the other combatant’s defenses, exploiting them with great effectiveness.

He has trained himself in the Dark Side of the force, letting the needs of his life shape the development of his Force abilities. He is a powerful practictioner of many Sith abilities, notably Force Leap, Force Pull, Force Push, Force Throw, Force Choke Hold, Force Shield, Force Lightning, Battle Meditation, Force Cloak, Mind Control, and Force Rage.

Equipment and Compatriots

Darth Kration often wears a Jedi battle mask taken from the belt of his trainer, Jido Zapal, on the day of that man’s execution. He carries a lightsaber originally carried by Darth Evure, and uses the lightsaber of Darth Evure’s apprentice as a backup. Like many Sith, he wears black robes and a hood.

Darth Kration very often works and travels with a crew of mercenaries: Maxx the Rodian Slicer, Wirkazza the Wookie, Gizemode, Serenity, and Circa, all Mandalorians, who are Zabraks and Weequay, respectively. He has also taken a padawan – a Twi’lek with red and black markings named Arali.
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#14. ASL-014 Darth Kration 7/17/2013
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