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 ATTN: Dromund System Roster

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ASL-067 Darth Callidus
Public Relations Officer
Public Relations Officer

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PostSubject: ATTN: Dromund System Roster   Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:13 pm


Main Officers

S.D.L. - System Dark Lord: ASL-067 Darth Callidus
S.S.G. - System Shadow Guard:
S.M.O. - System Membership Officer:

Public Relations

S.P.E. - System Province Emissary:
S.S.E. - System State Emissary:
S.S.E. - System State Emissary:
S.S.E. - System State Emissary:
S.S.E. - System State Emissary:

Forum Support

S.C.G. - System Crimson Guard:


S.R.O. - System Requisitions Officer:

Officially Designated Members



ADJ-012 Darth Phyre - Georgia
ASA-002 Lucas McCoy - Georgia
ASL-039 Lord Xyllac - Georgia
ASL-054 JonSolo - Georgia
ASW-001 Darth As\'sir - Alabama & Georgia
ASL-099 swfan67 - Georgia
ASL-100 Vad Kaar - Georgia
ASL-124 Lord Evanoth - Georgia

ASL-077 Kimballk - Florida
ASL-046 Darth KITT - Florida
ASL-057 totallyice - Florida

ASL-035 Lord Phenex - Alabama
ASL-067 Darth Callidus - Alabama
ASL-125 Darth Shivilow - Alabama
ASL-140 Lord Drellus - Alabama
ASL-142 Lady Insidia - Alabama
ADJ-027 Lord Caliagre - Alabama

South Carolina

Unknown State
ASL-095 Darth Slade - Unknown
ASL-020 Lord Ziel - Unknown

ADJ-007 Soter Themis - Florida [Banned]
ASL-002 Darth Lazious - South Carolina [Banned]

Officially Designated Honorary Members

Forum Members

Valarjac-sin - Georgia
Shroud - Alabama
swfan67 - Georgia
sabotage - Alabama
Darth Quinn - Florida
wodi_soquili - Florida
Samurai Darth Vader

Apprentice Corner


ASL-067 ADJ-003
A.P.R.O - Council
Temporary S.D.L Dromund System (GA, FL, AL, MS, LA)
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ATTN: Dromund System Roster
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