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 Promotional Material For Our System

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A'isha Lorium
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Promotional Material For Our System  Empty
PostSubject: Promotional Material For Our System    Promotional Material For Our System  EmptyThu Sep 22, 2016 11:58 pm

Our System, Dathomir, Currently is under construction as we try to build our way up with members to become a well-known costume club like our sister clubs. In doing so we need to help promote ourselves by working together and finding new ways to achieve this so feel free to suggest anything that might be of great use.

Currently we only have business cards to hand out or if allowed at shops to be advertised there.
A Link will be put here very soon of our cards in case anyone would like to get a set to hand out at conventions when need be.

We are also looking at making some brochures that give off a bit more information as to what we do and how we do it.

I have thought about Shirts but this is something we may have to consider later down the path in the next few years once we have at least 10 or so members that are able to help out in regards to having our own Booth table at Conventions.

We are looking into making advertising things like pens, badges and once we have bigger numbers we will get a banner and flag done with our System Logo and Name on it which will be used as much as possible.

In regards to using things for a personal use yes you can do so, if you want an extra pen, cards to hand out or to keep handy by all means, but major stuff that promotes us like Banners and Flags will need to be worked out since these are materials we will only use at Conventions. Unless you intend to use them at Conventions but also hang them up in your house to be reused at another convention by all means feel free to do so.
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Promotional Material For Our System
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