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 #35. ASL-035 Lord Phenex * 10/16/2013

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

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PostSubject: #35. ASL-035 Lord Phenex * 10/16/2013   Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:12 am

Presenting ... Timothy Morris
Designation Date: October 16, 2013
PRIMARY Designation: ASL-035 Lord Phenex
Dromund System
Profile: thedarkalliance-forum.enjin.com/profile/7553310

Custom Sith Lord
Era: Old Republic

Congratulations Lord Phenex
The Force Serve You.

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

Posts : 339
Join date : 2016-08-02

PostSubject: Re: #35. ASL-035 Lord Phenex * 10/16/2013   Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:12 am

ASL-035 Lord Phenex
Character Name: Lord Phenex
Costume Category: Sith Lord
Costume Era: Old Republic
Native System: Dromund System

Species: Human
Known Master: Darth Maleviant
Known Apprentice: None
Force Powers: Force Lightning, Force Grip, Force Drain, Force Pull
Weapons Used: Single Blade Lightsaber
Combat Style: Makashi

Character History: Lord Phenex grew up on the planet Naboo where he was raised by his Aunt and Uncle, both previous Jedi Knights before leaving the Order to follow their passion. Early on in his life, they suspected him to be Force sensitive and had a current Jedi Knight of the Order come to Naboo and put truth to their suspicions.

After running some tests, the Jedi Knight had proclaimed Phenex was indeed Force sensative, and that Phenex should return with him to the Jedi Temple where he would undergo his Jedi training. However Phenex didn't want to leave, and instead he ran away from home.

While Phenex was roaming the streets in the city, trying to stay away from the Jedi Knight, a bounty hunter had followed him after hearing about his connection to the Force. Believing he would provide a wonderful prize, Phenex was kidnapped and the Bounty Hunter quickly fled the system.

Phenex would later be sold to the Empire, where a young Sith who had just taken the mantle from his former Master took Phenex to be trained in the ways of the Dark Side. For years, Phenex was put through hard tests and trials, endured major physical pain under his new Master.

By the time Phenex reached the age of 24, he had more knowledge of the Dark Side than he could ever imagine. His final trial before he would be called a true Sith was to return to Naboo and take the lives of his Aunt and Uncle, the people who would have him train as a Jedi.

Without any restraint, Phenex returned to his homeworld of Naboo and in the dead of night, he confronted his Aunt and Uncle. In the midst of the fight, his lightsaber was destroyed, but instead of backing down, Phenex unleashed all his fury and rage upon the elderly couple, burning them both to a crisp. As he stood over their burnt corpse, victorious, he reached down and took his Aunt's old lightsaber, one that glowed with a purple shine.

Phenex returned to his Master, his deed done, and became a true Sith. However this wasn't enough, and as his Master turned away Phenex struck him in the back with his new lightsaber, killing his Master and taking the mantle of Sith Lord.
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#35. ASL-035 Lord Phenex * 10/16/2013
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