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 Should we re-do our Logo?

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A'isha Lorium
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Dark Lord
A'isha Lorium

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Should we re-do our Logo? Empty
PostSubject: Should we re-do our Logo?   Should we re-do our Logo? EmptyWed Sep 28, 2016 10:42 pm

So since I fixed up our Buisness cards and happy with the dark and red vibe it gives off I decided to look over our system logo as I want it to match. This is our current logo and I know I'm forever going on about improving it, mainly because I want us to stand out and not just be black and white, though it does a fine job of standing out I just get the feeling there needs to be more to it, something that will make us a lot more original.

This is our current logo.
Should we re-do our Logo? Dathomir

And this is the card design I did.
Should we re-do our Logo? Cards

Then there are these...which I intend on using on the back of the cards but the question comes down to, will they work and will everyone like it? System thoughts and opinions come before posting and going head first into anything so I figured I'd drop this in here and see what everyone, including all of TDA members and recruits think of this.

Should we re-do our Logo? Experimentsymbol

Should we re-do our Logo? Experiment2

Should we re-do our Logo? Experiment

Would love to hear everyone's opinion

P.s I think the circle one would only work best on badges with just the circle and our logo rather then a whole background.
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Should we re-do our Logo?
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