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 Sith Holocron by PropFunk

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
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Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

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Sith Holocron by PropFunk Empty
PostSubject: Sith Holocron by PropFunk   Sith Holocron by PropFunk EmptySun Aug 21, 2016 12:59 pm

Presented by ASL-067 Lord Callidus

So I acquired a fantastic prop for my Lord Callidus designation, and any other Sith I might create over my time being a part of this organization!

It's a Sith Holocron by PropFunk. I bought it for $125, which is a great deal on it. This thing is awesome. It has a weathered appearance to it and also a unique color theme (aluminum and black/dark red instead of the typical gold and dark red). It plays music or anything I have uploaded onto a Micro SD card that is in MP3 format (it came with one that had an audiobook as well as a bunch of Palpatine quotes on it). Right now I have an SD card in it with music from SWTOR. Also, when on, the speaker/tiny radio that plays the music lights up and does pulsing LED effects.

This thing is awesome. I've been wanting one of these very badly, and I'm glad I got the chance to finally acquire one.

Sith Holocron by PropFunk Zua27i10
Sith Holocron by PropFunk Xetolq10
Sith Holocron by PropFunk 3miqvo10
Sith Holocron by PropFunk Srfld710
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Sith Holocron by PropFunk
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