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 Sith Glaive

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
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Commanding Officer
ASL-001 Darth Kraven

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PostSubject: Sith Glaive   Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:29 pm

Originally posted by ADJ-028 Tepp Audama

Pardon my ignorance but; why would a custom build PVC hilt not pass?  When I get done with them, they won't look like plastic and have many metal pieces for reinforcement and adornment on them as well, so they are safe to use in theatrical combat and look really good on the hip as well.
Is there something I should know about this that I have missed?
"2. Lightsabers: only Force-FX Lightsabers, or custom Luxeon or custom LED-modified hilts, or metal or PVC hilts of similar type, or hollow hilts of similar type, with acrylic or polycarbonate blades, or hilts of said types by themselves without blades are authorized Lightsabers for costume wear within The Dark Alliance."
The above describes what I am doing pretty accurately, for example;
Early Ultrasaber stunt blade.

My first saber builds, machined from 6061 aluminum billet for the hilts with 1" thick acrylic rod for blades.  They don't light up and we used to call them the "Jedi Beat-sticks" because they were used for full contact sparing.

My MHS Sith blade, with Hasboro sound card and Cree LED.

The belt I intend to use for my costume with the saber hilt on it.

Some PVC hilt Tonfa-sabers, in the rough still but wiring complete using 1w Cree LEDs.

Curve hilt saber, first of a pair, that I also plan to use for this Sith Lord eventually.

I am even working on one for a teacher friend of mine who is a HUGE Star Wars nerd (even more than I, hard to imagine) that will be a green saber with a 18" blade that he can use as a pointer in class and the hilt will look like a Blackthorn walking stick when I finish it.
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Sith Glaive
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