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 "Fallen Venom"_ A Crystal Focus v6.5 UPgrade!

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PostSubject: "Fallen Venom"_ A Crystal Focus v6.5 UPgrade!   Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:34 pm

Posted Originally by dgdve

Great lords and Ladies of the council please be seated... After tirelessly meditating on the tomes and holo recordings in the secret labs beneath our great temple I have something to present for your consideration....

"Fallen Venom"_ A Crystal Focus v6.5 UPgrade! for d.Kration

Saber specs: (Hilt: Saberforge Venom)

- 7.4v Li-ion (TCSS 14500x2)
- 2.1mm "In hilt" Recharge system!

- Plecter labs Crystal Focus Soundboard (ver 6.5)
- "Flash on Clash" enabled!
- "Hidden" RICE port/uSD Access

- Super Mini TCSS Speaker (3w)
- Tri Cree Xpe2 (Red - Green - Royal Blue) // Wired as FULL color mixer

- 12mm AV Main switch (Purple Ring) Wired as Accent #1
- Flush mount Aux Switch
- 5mm (Uv/purple) "Blade Matching" Crystal pommel (Inspired by the great LDM)
- 5mm Green Flat led Wired "on board" as Accent #7

Sound Fonts:
- Crimson Shade (by Link)
- Dark Apprentice (by LordBlako)
- Fallen (by Darth Xusia)
- Ghosts of the Grey (by LordBlako)
- Unnatural (by Link)
#6 is... My choice so "It's a Secret haha"

Vid1: Reveal

Vid2: uSD & RICE access

Vid3: RICE demo


With a Blade (.... omg get ready for a crap ton of pics..) Razz

Font1: Purple (with an epic BRIGHT purple/blue FoC).. Ehh Its classic, Its legacy.. I love it (see the video.. It kicks total... err yeah) but pictures don't do it justice since it washes out the camera to far.

Font2: Blue (with a more subtle Cyanish FoC).. The Cree xpe2 is a very rich and I love the Royal Blue (its strong!)

Font3: Cyan Bin 1 was the legendary color for the 1st saber.. the Luke ANH (1980's film color version).. This color is complimented by a purplish blue FoC to simulate what I think it would look like to blocking an attack from another force users lightning

Font4: Red is the color we were all waiting for... This time the FoC is a combination of colors to create an orangish golden color.. As if you were fighting a great Jedi master with a green saber (that's the color of the two sabers clashing together)

Font5: Well I love that Golden Orangish Yellow so much it made its way into a profile.. This is the "practice" saber color and its FoC is a terrifically bright pinkish color (the color of clashing this saber against one of the solid red training sabers of the masters at the academy)

Font6: Last but not least.. is the color only granted to those great Jedi masters.. Green (this one is actually font specific and since its my "secret font" slot.. No explanation will be given)

AND since guys love to see full blade pictures!





Golden Orangish Yellow (lol)


OMG allow me to apologize, that was a lot.... Ok ready for the build log??
_______Buildlog_(Picture style)_GOGOGO!!

WOW hehe that was long, lol (sry)...

Thanks for watching! This was a fun one!

Support your sound font artists at Saberfont.com
Hilt by Saberforge
Crystal Focus v6.5 by Plecter Labs
ALL Parts if possible (batteries.. bits/bobs..) by TCSS forever baby!

*Install & hilt modifications by dgdve*

Mtfbwy.. Always
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"Fallen Venom"_ A Crystal Focus v6.5 UPgrade!
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