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 #27. ASL-027 Acolyte Novice Azrael * 9/23/2013

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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer

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PostSubject: #27. ASL-027 Acolyte Novice Azrael * 9/23/2013   Sat Sep 24, 2016 8:36 am

Presenting ... Sarah Heim
Designation Date: September 23, 2013
PRIMARY Designation: ASL-027 Darth Azrael
Beshqek System
Profile: thedarkalliance-forum.enjin.com/profile/6685743
Custom Sith Acolyte Novice
Rise Of The Old Republic Era


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ASL-001 Darth Kraven
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer

Posts : 339
Join date : 2016-08-02

PostSubject: Re: #27. ASL-027 Acolyte Novice Azrael * 9/23/2013   Sat Sep 24, 2016 8:37 am

Character Name * Darth Azrael
Costume Category * Custom Sith Acolyte
Costume Era * Old Republic
Earth Native System * Beshqek System

Known Master * Lord Kraven and Lord Lazious
Known Apprentice *
Force Powers *
Weapons Used * Light Saber

Character History:
Sith Acolyte age 17. Born on Coruscant. Well the story begins on Coruscant where she was raised by the Jedi , however her family was killed by the pirates, any who during her training as a jedi apprentice she was doing fine, until a certain incident happened, where she accidentally killed a fellow jedi over some arguement she got scared, so she ran away in a jedi star fighter which she had stolen and fled to some planet (still needs a name for lol ) where she came across this rouge sith lord and he saw great potential in her, so he took her in and started to train her and became his newest apprentice...

Her training was easy at first and her master was really nice except he had a pretty nasty temper, but I guess most sith lords do occasionally. As she progressed she got even stronger, but as she did her master discovered it, so he tested her by cutting her connection to the living force and then just teaching her to fight. She did okay at first but she got better, she wasn't allowed to use her sabers either, because first off her master was harsh so he crushed them and secondly he told here there are times when a Sith doesn't need the force so no sabers...

~Betrayed her master then sent to Dagabah forw a week as punishment for her actions...Her master came back for her and trained her again with more restrictions~

~She then ran away on her master's ship to another planet known as Ziost..a sith planet, where she stumbled upon meeting her masters which are currently training her now: Master Kraven and Master Lazious because they have both seen how powerful she can be at certain moments but still has much to learn~
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#27. ASL-027 Acolyte Novice Azrael * 9/23/2013
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